Ruski's Grow Journal

No telling, really need to test runoff or do a slurry test to see what the ph is before trying to adjust it.

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2 of the 3 plants that were struggling are somewhat coming back. One is just in limbo it seems. I’ve just been watering with plain water to try and balance the pH and flush anything that might be messing with nutes uptake. Next feeding I might do nutes on them. The plants growing well are pretty dark green so they’ve just been on water and CalMag for a week or so

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Got another cat farmer to help me out. Most of the plants are fine aside from one who’s main stem is splitting and open in the middle. That’s my only guess as to why this one is so far behind

Girls are looking good. The 3 that were struggling are starting to recover it looks like


2 of em looked like they were growing balls so I had to cut em out. The other 3 looking good tho