Runtz autoflower ppm for hydro

I have a runtz autoflower in DWC Hydroponics atm i have it at 700 ppm or 1.4 ec which im going to cut that in half again down to 350 ppm or .7 ec anyone here know what the ppm requirements are for the runtz autoflower?

What growth stage are you in Growmie? Feeding levels for hydro are the same as coco.
500 seedlings bumping that up weekly a 100 or so to where veg peaks out at 900-1000 right at flower then 1000 the rest of the way :love_you_gesture:

Right now its at 700ppm or 1.4 ec its in the 2nd week of flower she got burnt up before i lowered the ec before it was like 1400 ppm or 2.8 ec which was obviously way too high burnt the f out her i flushed and lowered to the 1400ppm still showing nutrient burn on the new growth so i think i should drop again down to like 350 or 500 ppm


I’ve grown my share of autos and had and have a few that are really sensitive to higher PPMS/EC. I kept these going at 800-900 and they did well. PH in the 5.8-6.2 range? What’s the lighting height above the top of the plant :love_you_gesture:

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Yeah everything is right on i triple checked lol im alsovrunning a white widow autoflower at 700 ppm or 1.4 ec and it is BOOMING its then i realized the runtz is SENSITIVE lol

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Here was an AK that was super sensitive, the whole batch of seeds were the same way….always adjusting and learning :joy::love_you_gesture: