Runoff PPM's in coco

Man, i had a plant die on me on 5th week of flower, and that’s sounds so much like i did to her…
Im checking runoff for the first time at 7th week of flower and im absolutely alarmed, even though they look good to me…
I did a flush with 7.2 ph water going in that started with a runoff of about 5.1 ph and later was a bit up at 5.3 ph…
I’m in a mix of about 60% coco, worm castings and cheap soil, that drains reasonably well.
The plant that died did it while looking great until she collapsed completely in a matter of 2 or 3 days…
I never really watered my plants to runoff, and probably it had salt buildup and a very low ph…
I am going to let them dry up from this flush and then do every water to runoff, once a week, instead of 3 small waterings a week.
Sadly i still haven’t got a ppm meter yet,so no idea…
This thread was very ivnformative/worrying for me
How did that grow ended up?


@DMD I grow in coco as well in 7 gallon pots. About every 3 days my pot needs water. I will run 3-4 gallon of plain ph water through to flush the salts and built up nutrients out. Then I make nutrient water and run that through. As @Familyman said, feed everytime, I get great results like this


That grow wound up producing very well. The Chocolope yielded a pound, the other three were between 11-13 oz each. Without my screw up, maybe I could have done better? The grow I have going on now has been smooth so far, water feed with Florakleen once a week, feed every day. I’m 4 days since flipping to 12-12, and all is well!


im currently on week 4 flower and my flowers are being held back i feel, i run my ppms at about 1200 with a dtw method feeding constantly every 4 hours i raised my input oh a bit for flower to about 6.2, im starting to get run off of about 1450 ppms and a ph of 5.8 tho, that means i need to lower my input nutes right?

Hey can you help me with this? I never ever checked my ppm until yesterday and I’m embarrassed to say the runoff in my coco was over 3000 and i couldn’t believe my eyes… this is my first time ever growing and i have several gdp from ilgm and they do come out beautiful but I’ve harvested 6 so far and only 2 tasted bareable the other 4 horrible like home grown regulars or something anyways i seen you mention the best taste for pot is around what ppms now? Please :pray: break it down for me because i have everything down packed except for the frigging taste…please help! Plants look great but taste like :poop::poop::poop:

A lot has to do with the drying and curing process also. Just saying that has a lot to do with it also.

I’ve done some reading on your post and even though you are using A&B in coco you still have to use cal mag coco it holds on to it so you have to increase the normal amount that would be in the canna.

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Even when you do just water if using RO u need to add enough cal mag to ph it

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