Runn off ph low in soil, why?

Hey guys any idea why my runoff is so low?

Soil- Top layer FFHP, bottom layer FFOF
PH going in. 6.3-6.5 but the last couple times since the runoff ph is low it has been going in at about 6.5-6.8
Runoff PH - 5.5-5.8

Im in week 5 just started nutes at a low dosage. Plants seem fine besides a few twisted leaves(new growth)(normal?)
Should i be worried or should i add something else to the water or soil? I just dont want it to become a problem now that im in flower mode. Thanks

Pictures really help.

Yeah sorry here they are… They are droopy as i dropped a gallon to create runoff and then fed nutes as ppm was very low(first feed) and havent watered at all in 5 days before this so idk why they are droopy after watering also.

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I though its over watering but i havent watered that long and pot was really dry

Too much nitrogen, and they need water. Looks like.
Just PH’ed water to run off would do them some good. They might perk up a bit.

Just watered heavily. they was fine before watering but soil was dry after 5 days and hungry.
So should i stop nutes even tho i just fed for the first time today?
I can get rid of nitrogen by just doing some runoff? And to much nitrogen is causing my runoff ph to be low?

sorry for all the questions. thanks for the help as always :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

This is more likely to be caused by cyclic drying of the medium. You can allow it to dry out, but not to the point to they’re wilting. I’m guilty of it too, but happening repeatedly, it doesn’t end well.

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This is confusing, are you feeding?

Ok i will make sure not to let it dry out that much next time

Yes today i started feeding. I did a quick runoff to check my numbers then I did my first feeding now at 5 weeks after the PPM was about 500-600.

I would resume feeding them, are you following a schedule with your nutrient line?

Yes i started today with FF Trio at a 1/4 dosage. And I went to there website to get there feeding schedule… Feed- Water-Feed thats what im trying to do for the week and then repeat. What ya think? any tips

I think that’s good for now unless you see a reason to adjust again.

Ok great! Its been about 2 hours since feeding/watering but they are already perking up a bit!! Hopefully all is good will keep updating and thanks again


Hi, how it went then? i have samé issue


The original poster hasn’t been on the site for over 2 years, so you’re not going to get an answer. Please start a thread and post pictures and give your grow info and we’ll do your best to help.

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