Ruderalis popped up in my garden?

Hi Everyone. I know there have been a few similar posts… I would just like a few opinions here. Not sure how it got there but I have my suspicions. I got some Ruderalis Indica seeds a few years back and I have been using those as a base for cross breeding, with some great results. This looks like some strong ruderalis genes coming through in this lady, which I must say, I’m not too displeased about as I can use this going forward for further experimentation.
Ruderalis? Yes/No/Maybe?


Yes. I have the same 3 leaf mutants almost every grow. Currently running ILGM Autos.

I normally have heat issues in the grow box. I believe that helps kick ruderalis into overdrive.

What makes you think it is ruderalis?

Early flowering? The seasons are pretty short day centric across the planet rn. So it could be just short light hours.

Hi, I’m in the Southern Hemisphere, so the days are pretty long at the moment. It’s been outdoors the whole time. I’m quite excited to use it going forward if it is a Ruderalis.

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Ahhh I gotcha. Had me wondering. Lol

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Looks like I’ll get a few seeds from it, so I’ll see how they grow out.

Pollenated on purpose?

nope, not for those seeds. I did pollinate 1 bud though. Curious to see how it all turns out.

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