Royal gorilla auto

my first grow journal,just getting something wrote down,so just germinated seeds from RQS royal gorilla excellent seeds they popped within 24 hours and broke thrugh the dirt in another 24 100pcnt germination. so im using full canna range A+B PK13/14 and also using canna cure for pest / deseise prevention, growing medium is coco pro plus water is PH at 6 with a touch of nitrazyme for root boost.have bud box pro,1.2x1.2x2m 600w hps digital ballaset in 15 litre pots im growing 2 by the way RAM x Rhino filter and extraction, lights on temp is 25 off 20, 2 7inch fans also RAM and thats my set up always had good results i have 2 cheese autos in flower now so will mention the result/yeilds in few weeks done under same set up.will post pics and updates and tag people in next entry so thanks if you wanna check my journey and take wat ever you may need from it.


Hey guys just wAnted to give a up date on the royal gorilla autos I’ve grown I’m about 2weeks from harvest,and I must say I’m very pleased with how these have turned out.they are super low maintenance they don’t need feeding much and I have had no problems with these at all the yield should be ok so very excited and will let you know the final yield wen down I did one in a 10litre pot and one in a 15 litre pot so I’ll let you know the difference. Also I cropped a cheese plant auto I had on the go and I got 127 grams from it I was well pleased with it the smoke was excellent.

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This was the best bud I’ve produced so far I got 106grams off the one in the 10 litre pot and 127grams out of the one in the 15itre pot and it’s some crazy high off this weed.