Round Three! White Widow

I’m harvesting round two: Bob & Ziggy - tomorrow. The trichomes are starting to get good and milky so I’ve decided to harvest before any turn amber. I’m interested in the difference of the high between the two. Of course, this only being my 2nd grow and having one more bowl of the last harvest left, I wanted to do my research and make sure I wasn’t making a mistake. I mean - I’d be so pissed if I lost a harvest because of impatience and had to wait another four months for the next round. Four months sober? No thanks.

Anyway - today is the end of week 14. The last round I harvested at week 12. They were just starting to get amber. They were also probably 4-6" taller than these, but Bob & Ziggy have really dense thick nugs whereas Snoop & Martha were smaller buds instead of big thick nuggets of green. Only thing I did different was not use the worm compostings this time (mostly because I had a LOT of other real life stuff going on and kept forgetting to order it). I watered the same, grew the same, used the same nutrients (NONE) :laughing: When I decided to grow, I decided to forgo any “chemical” things. I just wanted good soil, good light and good water. Grew them in a 2’ x 2’ tent. LCD lighting, one fan at the bottom vent. Nothing fancy. Curious to see what the yield is compared to the last two.

Anyway - this isn’t supposed to be about Bob & Ziggy. Since I’m harvesting, I decided to go ahead and start the next two: Willie & Merle. Yep, everyone’s favorite country legends. I honestly don’t know how long I can keep this up, by the way, so suggestions you have for famous stoner duos are appreciated. And if any of you say “Cheech & Chong” I’m going to bitch slap you. It’s, of course, the most obvious.

Perhaps that’s for another thread too. Forgive me, I’m high off of some quick-dried Bob. Maybe I should get stoned and go to open mic nights because apparently I’m a comedian. Or I just grew some really REALLY good weed.

Either way - Willie & Merle are in water and will be updating the other two tomorrow on the other thread. Bob & Ziggy


How much do you harvest from both?

Willie and everyone! LOL @growingherbies


@M4ur - My final dry weight on Snoop and Martha was around 2 1/2 ounces. Probably closer to 3 because I was impatient and quick dried quite a bit so I could enjoy the fruits of my labor. When I harvest later this afternoon I"ll throw up a harvest weight on that thread along with some pictures.


I am also on my second grow. First time I went with no nutrients. Turned out great. This time I tried nutrients and it has killed my girls. So sad… I think I will go back to all natural as well! Good luck…

So sorry to hear that…

I’m too superstitious to use male names for my ladies. I use names of strong and/or powerful/influential women, mainly characters… Abby, Ziva, Kate (NCIS). Dianna (princess, Wonder woman, dirty :wink:)
One of my current clones is Xena and I have a Lemon Kush named Cookie :grin:


I’m from Willie Country. I’ve worked at his place in the hill county back in the 80’s.


I’m a big fan of the Willie. Since the late 70’s!

Thats pretty cool. I went to a concert her on Boston Common and saw him in the late 80’s. Small concert only about 5000 people that as it was a small venue. I remember Willie was awesome and the smell of MJ permeated the air. Many were passed around! hahaha good times! @Desperado


See - I get that nutrients make them yield more and all of that, but one of the main reasons I wanted to grow my own (aside from saving hella money) was because you NEVER know what exactly is in what you’re putting in your bowl unless you grew it from start to finish. I don’t want any bullshit, nutrients or otherwise, in my bud. It’s killer on its own without anything else.

Do you have a grow journal going?

@growingherbies what nutrients do you use?

@Desperado None. Not a single one.

Here are pics from tonight’s harvest. Round 3 is in the water.

Harold and kumar (Herold and kumar visit white castle)


Any of the kids from that 70s show
Hyde, jackie, dona, Eric, Kelso fez

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Great names! I love Martha & Snoop. Their cooking show is hilarious.

Willie Nelson is the man. I typically have an adverse reaction to country music. Willie is one of the very few exceptions. I saw him in Des Moines 5yrs or so back. I’ve been to some serious concerts in my life and this one stands out over many others. He was incredible.


Hot Donna is totally gonna be one. Laura Prepon is hella gorgeous lol


I’m the same regarding Willie. I don’t typically like country music, but Willie is a national treasure.

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I grew up in Austin and was able to be a part of the progressive country music scene. I was dating this chick, in the mid 70s, who knew Willie. She introduced me to him one night at the Austin’s Alliance Wagonyard when he was performing. Didn’t get to toke with him but maybe one of these days who knows.


IDK man - Toby Keith doesn’t recommend smoking weed with Willie :laughing:


Toby Keith is a pup, wet- behind the ears I would say.:cowboy_hat_face: