Roots organics nutes

so i just was going to try out roots organics so i was looking at their products and i bought .i got there 3 part system, their terp teas grow, bloom, microb charge and bloom booster, the elemental, essential earth, and i got the nitro bat guano, the phos rock guano, the super phos rock, earth worm castings and bio force. i dint get the super nitro guano or the seabird guano or the soybean meal. also there is no feeding chart that shows the use of a few of the guanos and a few feeding charts has none of the terp teas. so im not sure what i should use with what so i dont burn my plants. any1 else use their whole line of dry amendments??

That’s a lot of product.

I’m of the KISS crowd. I’m also a less is more grower. I feed at half strength and water sparingly.

Any supplier worth their metal will have a support number, web page or something. Try the FAQ section on their web page.

Good luck and happy growing…

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yea when i first started growing i burned the shit outa my girls and i realized more only hurts they only want what they need and no more thats why i was liking the gaia green only need to feed in 1 time in vef with their all propose and then 1 time half way through flower with their bloom nice is simple. i am just curious to experiment and understand other nutes so i know when to use what and understand what im using and why im using it at that time instead of just blindly following a feeding chart and hoping for the best. i got my blue lab soil ec meter so im always trying to monitor the ec of the soil

So…Where were you when I was selling cars???

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