Root Protector from ILGM for dummies

Has anyone used the Root Protector from ILGM. I’ve looked on this forum and others and I are having trouble with the directions. Are we supposed to divide RP solution evenly amongst the plants, rinse out of roots, then place plant back in DWS resivior bucket free of RP. Or should we divide RP solution evenly amongst the DWS resivior tanks. Sooooo… mix one cap w/ 32oz water, then divide into 6 parts, around 5oz of RP solution, then pour on top of grow medium into DWS resivior bucket, and leave it in w/ DWS nutrient mix?


I don’t know the answer but one of these guys will

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Dissolve one bottle cap of Root Protector in a quarter gallon of water (1 liter). Divide the solution evenly amongst the plants. Afterward rinse with plain water to spread the solution though the roots.

For the best results, use at the beginning of the light period. One bottle of Root Protector is enough for 20 large outdoor plants or 50 indoor plants. . Use a double dose for heavy infestations.

Haven’t personally used it but it is a root inocullant and in many applications the only way to get it to top of root ball would be to water it through I suspect that the purpose of pre-mixing is that it is concentrated and a bacterial culture. As culture it would have short shelf life once mixed in a dwc system I would use as directed pour through medium then lightly rinse and leave it in the system

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DonaldJ, how often can this product be re-applied? This product and the Mold Control product do not specify a frequency, and I don’t want to damage my plants by applying too often…

Any spraying done should be done in or right before dark cycle to allow plants to air dry before lights come back on. As a rule with bug washes I treat known pests if present every 3 days until they have no sign and once more to ensure they are all dead.
Root protector would be used every other res change Mold control is a reactive measure so used if mold is suspected

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