Hydroponics First Timer - Bergman’s Root Protector?

Hey, first-timer here and just have a quick question. I suspect that I might have a root rot issue and was wondering if I might be able to use the bottle of root protector I ordered from Bergman’s nutrients in my hydro DWC.

I’m running #4 five-gallon buckets with about 3.5 gallons of nutrient water in each bucket.

It says to use a half-a-cap-full per liter (qtr gal). So 1.5caps per bucket? You tell me…?


1 cap is for 1/2 gal per what you say so 3.5 gal would need 6.5 cap fulls.

Seems like a lot to me.

I used it. Cap per Qt.
4Qt per Gal… use half the full dose… Real question is, how soaked are you talking? Do the roots need gills? I can attest to the product. It does work. But cant fix jello…