Root Mass Just a Curiosity?

I just removed the root balls of 3 amnesia haze autos from their fabric pots. And simply found the differences in them to be interesting.

From left to right (all 3 gallon pots) Vivosun, Vivosun and smart pot. The bag dimensions are: Vivosun 9" diameter by 10" tall Smart Pot #3 10" diameter X 7.5" tall.
The plants from the left and right pots were harvested on the same day and soil allowed to dry. The center plant was just harvested 2 days ago and the soil was still damp.
The firmness of the left Vivosun and the smart pot are very close but you see the smart pot roots filled the pot completely. You can definitely see a difference in the mass between the 2 and the weight of the smart pot is significantly more.
The one in the cage grew in the Vivosun and on the right in the Smart Pot. The weight of the smart pot buds into the jars was 9 grams more, And, the buds themselves were denser and better formed. Sorry for the lousy picture but this is the center root ball / Visosun. She was always small and compact and frankly I put her through a tough start She is drying right now
One thing I will do in the future is to fill the pots with more soil. I left 1.5 - 2" of space. With these only being 3 gallon, that is a lot less soil for them to grow in and fill.
I think the winner is Smart Pot. Going in I didn’t think it would make any difference and I just grabbed the ones that were the most convenient to fill.
Similar experiences?
Or are you thinking this guy has way to much time on his hands.