Robert's autflowers feminized? I have AK-47 autoflower

Hey guys! New grower here and I just ordered some of Robert’s AK autoflower before I realized not all autos are feminized. So I pose this question, are all of his autos feminized or only a select few? I’ve read up on how to determine the sex of a plant but as a beginner grower I want to eliminate as many variables as possible.

They’re going to be females, don’t be worried :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:


Awesome! Thanks for clarifying.

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Try to keep em in the same pot from start to finish, they Don’t like being transplanted. OR if at best. , let them grow 4-6 weeks in a large pot before transplanting, trust me on this, and keep the same soil medium best you can if you do transplant.

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it will start flowering after a month try to get her as large as possible with N then when you see the pistils the little hairs then less N and more P and K I have found the more light the better . :sunglasses:

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I bought some 3 gal fabric pots, will that suffice?

Very insightful, thank you.

Perfect, they usually don’t grow too big, height wise any how, I"ve seen some bigger ones but they were grown by some Masterful growers. Autos are great to start on.

You should end up with something like this, The buds are so heavy on the left plant that its making it bend over at just 24 inches


Those girls are beautiful! Cannot wait.