This is Jennifer Susan Walters. AKA SHE-HULK.

1 BRUCE BANNER FIM right now in about half gallon container. Final home will be 7GALLON POTS OF 70/30ISH COCO AND PERLITE. REAL COCO, NOT THAT COCO LOKO STUFF
VEGG LIGHTS : 55 true watt CFL 6400k and two 32w cfl (don’t know color temperature on the but redder than the 55w. Using the side lights to encourage the lower branches to grow faster

Dont know if I’m gonna run scrog again. I know I’m gonna top and tie branches down like always
Using general hydroponics flora trio, Alaska fish fertilizer. Once it gets big enough lll put the roleadro cob above it. Then when ready to flower, I’ll put my 315w cmh in. Been looooooving that for flower. The keif off this last harvest is ridiculous


Set to watch!!!

Watching! :v:


Here she is about 3 ish weeks old. Just topped her, gh ot 5 main nodes left. I’ll trim the slow starters off later on. Half strength calmag and gh flora trio with Alaska fertilizer

after adding side light the lower branches seems to have taken off

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The extra lights


Here she is 2 days later. Doesn’t look like the cutting hurt it at all


Just flushed a gallon of 18 ppm 5.4 ph through. Runoff was ppm 218 ph 6.4. Made a gallon of gh flora trio 3/4 strength with calmag. Ppm was 863 ph 5.7. Runoff was 848 ph 5.7. She’s growing good


Here she is 4 days. After topping. Feed/water every two days

Node spacing is fantastic [Uploading: 15794657127473900493724050533453.jpg…

Getting fed again 1/3 strength nutes no calmag. ppm going in 583 oh going in 5.5

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F#ckin CFL fell on my plant last night and burned it pretty good. I think she’ll recover though

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:pensive: I had that happen to me last year. She should recover

Raise your light. Lmao I think it’s to close !!!

It will recover for sure. They are amazing when it comes to recovering from what seems to be the worst things.

I rigged up a splitter with CFLS and it fell over and broke the highest right side branch after I topped it a few days ago

Tape it up is what I do. They usually heal with a pretty knot to show the abuse lol.
Electric tape works great. It expands as the branch grows.

After stressing it with the burnt tops I decided to put in final 7 gallon home 80/20 perlite

Added the 400w roleadro cob, great vegg light and my cfls for side light

The damage after the burn. I think I’ll be okay though 9


Here she is today. Did some more trimming yesterday and supercrop all the branches that where growing fast and healthy hoping this line branch on one side of will catch up. If not I’m gonna have a 3 main branch scrog

And hhere’s slow poke I’m trying to let catch up


Here she is last night. Took the transplant well. Growing fast. Got a feeding of gh flora trio + calmag Epsom salt and floralicious and 3/4 strength. Ppm going in was 900ish and ph was 5.89. Runoff ppm was 860 and ph was high- 6.43

That was before the hair cut. Here she is after


One more trimming before I put the screen above it


She’s gonna be massive. :+1:

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Just put the screen above it. Now it’d a waiting game