Riding the Edge with Jack's 321

To reduce ppm you can dilute with more water after it’s mixed or, rather than using 100% of each part, reduce them to 90%.

The tips are progressing so I did a ppm runoff check. I dropped my nutrient ppm to 800ppm (Jack’s 3.6, 2.2, 1.2) and watered. When water just started to drip, ppm was 1300. I gave a bit more water and ppm dropped to 1200.
I’m thinking I should drop my nutrient solution to 700ppm. Would this make sense or should I look to flush and keep a higher nutrient ppm?

Thanks again for any insight.

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More information:
I checked PPFD (cell phone) and it’s right at 700.
Maybe I should lower VPD a bit too?

I wouldnt change anything. Id continue to feed whenever the runoff ppm drops below 1000. If you wish, lighten the feed but most feeds between 700-800ppm depending. That is barely any burn at all. Some might call it the pefect burn.
This is nute burn

This is light burn.

If it progresses worry about it, but what you have going on is a very healthy and well fed and well lit female cannabis plant.

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Thank you for the reply. I will stay the course and keep it around 800ppm.

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I would do your normal 321 feed. But the feed should be between 1100 and 1200 depending on tds of watet. Or around 1000 with ro. How mine measures out everytime. Minor tip burn is nothing to worry about. Best of luck