RH issues or I may be crazy

I can not maintain a rh over 50%. I have a 2x4 tent with infinity 4inch exhaust that is adjustable. A mars hydro es 400 light which is currently at 30%. A 1 gallon humidifier and a heater because I live up north. I can get my temp at 78* steady with my set up. My rh likes to be around 44% at plant level and 38% at light level. I just started 2 autoflowers. They are in rockwool cubes under clear solo cups. Long story short how do I get to around 60 - 70 % rh. Or am I over thinking this to much. Thanks everyone for your time

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I ran my exhaust fan on the lowest setting and I try to keep the air on the outside of my tent hot so the cool air doesn’t kill it. Passive intake air from both sides of the tent helped me regulate. If you have a nice timer you can also run every couple minutes instead of constantly. Less humid air that you’ll need to replace.

Those smaller tents are a real pain to control IMO

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I wouldn’t sweat it. You can dome your seedlings (this is the time when you want highest rh of the whole grow). You’ll be a little low for veg but they will grow fine. Then you’ll be perfect for flower!


I just want to welcome you to the neighborhood and say that you’ll be alright. The closer you can get to perfect obviously is best but your plants will be ok at lower rh I live in the desert our rh was in the single digits most of last week it’s tough to get 8% above 30 lol

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Thk u all I will let u know how it goes. I appreciate the support. I will update. I am keeping daily logs. So I may learn and help others also. You guys are the best.

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Blade thks. I don’t want to sound stupid but can u explain the passive air that you talked abought. My house is set at 72 and the room my tent is in runs 75-77. I believe it is because of the extra on the exhaust.

Passive air is when you have an exhaust fan and just natural (passive) airflow coming in. Instead of having a intake fan