Rethinking everything

I’ve been growing five years now, and my indoor grows have never been where I want them. The plants often look ‘off’, with discolored leaves that don’t match any charts I’ve seen. The growth is usually slow—around two months or more in veg to get the plant big enough for a productive flower phase.

And it’s frustrating because outdoors my crops are almost always trouble free. They look healthy, I get really good yields of really pungent buds. So, I know what Cannabis can and should do. I just want to get the indoor grow part dialed in as there are strains I like, but they won’t grow in my outdoor garden.


Tent: Apollo, 4x4x78 inches high.
Light: Advanced Spectrum 720
Fans: two, one intake, one exhaust

Right now the seedling are in a commercial rack with a 4 bulb fluorescent light, and I’m using the blue light bulbs for Veg.

Food: the seedlings have had two feedings at 165 ppm of Perfect PH Grow. One feed Nov 22, the second on Nov 28.

2 Violeta/Mazar hybrids, regular seeds
2 Afgoo fems
2 Hindu Kush fem.

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So, picture time.

The two on the right are the hybrids at three weeks. The two on the left are Hindu Kush at two weeks.

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These are Afgoo. The one on the left is two weeks and the other one came up yesterday.


I know you folks are going to ask about soil and it’s my own mix. I have composted soil base that I keep renewing every year with organic matter, worm castings, volcanic ash, Epsom salts, and gypsum. The outdoor, in ground plants have done really well with this mix.

But, I don’t know the PH of the soil so I’m starting there tomorrow with testing to see what the PH is.

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Looking at the pictures…your stems are purple which says something isn’t right. I’ll go out on a limb and say your ph is most likely off. Have you taken any runoff readings to see where your ph is?

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Not yet. That’s tomorrow. My local grow shop closed and I didn’t have calibration solution left. I finally got that in after 10 days on an Amazon order.

And the Violetas have purple stems and very purple buds. Here’s a bud from this years outdoor grow.


I have never liked the way plants looked under blurple lights. I’m betting you would like plants grown under mh, hps, or white leds more. The leaves don’t look as bunched and wrinkled.

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Do you apply mykos or silica in your grows those will help a lot during your later grow but I believe you re not taking in nitrogen well because of ph lockout ( you re girls are not dissimilar to my 1st auto grow before I started phing water I was also slightly underwatering and under lighting them too) otherwise maybe you should try making a compost blend with peat moss or coco coir since I find that they have better results in a indoor setting with a measured amount of dry amendments given every 3 weeks with molasses water every watering

Are you growing 2 in one container. Not a good idea. It’s not going well for me.

The problem with the lights you mentioned is the amperage draw. I have 15 amp circuits, and just one light can pull that. So, LED for the lower power draw.

No, not really. That was a Hail Mary thing. The Afgoo seeds were three or four years old (three of them).When trying to germinate them, one grew a tiny tail and the others didn’t. But, I didn’t want to waste the seed so all three went into the bag just to see what would happen. I’ll transplant one of them to it’s own bag.

Yes, I do use Mykos in the soil and add Silica to the water.

Man I am not sure but are using anything to keep the soil lose and not compact? Perlite, vermiculite, and rice hulls work great mixed in. I also make my own medium but use coco/perlite mix as my base before adding compost and worm castings. There is something going on for sure.

This is my grow at less than 3 weeks old. 17 days out the soil here.

Get ur soil ph with a slurry test or run off. And we can help more


Yes, I use Gypsum which provides calcium and keeps the soil loose.

Nice plants you have! That’s how I want mine to look. I’ll be doing the slurry tests today.

Takes pretty good leds to put out significantly more light at lower power consumption. Most of them are available in a “white” spectrum.


Why would I want a white LED? Plants use blue light in veg, red in flower.

You were the one complaining about how your plants looked, just trying to help.


Because white isn’t white @dbrn32. Just an example of a common fixture used around here


Yeah, it’s not the only thing on the circuit.

Unless you are certain about what you are doing this is poor advice and can be dangerous.