Resistance to marijuana?

My question from the experts here is:
Can one develop resistance to marijuana by regular use e.g. daily smoking?
P.S. by resistance here I mean to lose sensitivity to marijuana e.g. you don’t get as high as before etc.
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Short answer is yes. Also strain rotation helps.


Not sure what you are asking here. Does tolerance build up? Yes!

I went clean during late 2019 for a pee test. I took 2 hits the evening after the test and those 2 hits absolutely smoked me, but the tolerance builds back up pretty quickly. It takes me a whole bowl to get the same result now, as it did before I quit for 6 weeks.


Woah. That little bit. Ive smoked herb for 18 years now and it take me quite a bit before i feel a real 3 4 hits of wax. Sometimes i dont even feel like i get the buzz lol. Its like my lungs decide when to let the thc in and when not to lol

I’ve noticed when I smoke wax or eat edibles that regular flower seems to do nothing for me.
I have been a heavy smoker for over 10 years.

I took a 3 week break and now I choose to only smoke regular flower. Like @Stonedrus said, having a strain rotation does help.

I smoke a energetic bud like Jack Herer in the morning, midday something light with high CBD like Harlequin, and I want to smoke that gas when I am done for the night so I go for a blunt of some OG Kush or Cookie Cake.

BUT, I change the strains I smoke every month. That’s why I started trying to grow my own. I love a variety.