No more slows and laughs from marijuana

A question from a fellow smoker:

when i first started smoking the herb we used to get the slows and the laughts but i dont get that any more i was always told it was because of what the herb was cured in. can you clarify why things have changed i really liked the slows and the laughts if you have ever experienced the slows then you know what i am talking about

I don’t think it has anything to do with how the bud was cured. It could be the general overall strength of the herb.

However it is also likely you have just developed a tolerance. You could very well get the same feelings again with much stronger or maybe a different strain of herb than what you are used to smoking.

You can also try quitting for a while, this will make your tolerance go down and when you do smoke again you will notice a big difference. Another thing to try is eating a bunch of mango about a half hour to a hour before smoking, there is an enzyme in mangoes that can make your body more sensitive to the THC and reduce your tolerance. Also lots of exercise between smoke sessions tends to help your body flush out built up THC in your body and so your tolerance will be lower next time you smoke.

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Most people nowadays go for Sativa. What you are describing is described as “couchlock”, and is attributable to overly mature Marijuana with too high a % of amber trichomes (deteriorated THC). This makes you sleepy.

Wow I am gonna try the mango trick I have 3 mango trees in my yard full of ripe fruit!.
But to op’s question, your building up a tolerance, grow a different strain, amnesia is good mostly cerebral with a slight body buzz all in all very good, flower time is long at 12 weeks (longer than stated in description on ILGM site) but well worth it, quality is good and yeild is great.

Cheers, Brendan.