Reset or push forward

Does any more experienced growers out there feel that working on bringing a plant back to health

Not exactly sure what you are asking what is the problem

Correcting issues is not as fun as doing it right from the start. Especially if they don’t bounce back @joshawa

I’m probably the biggest jerk that you will ever meet when it comes to growing and usually no matter how much of an ass I am to my ladies or how much I neglect them I’m always able to get them back into shape for the big show… you need to be a little more positive about what your trying to accomplish. … if it was easy everybody would be doing it… I know more people that have given up on growing weed then I know that actually do grow weed… so you got to have a different point of view and be open to the fact that not everything will always go your way and sometimes you can’t go wrong even if you try… it’s not always hit and miss but this is the kind of hobby where no matter what somebody or something is always waiting around the corner to kick you in the teeth …but don’t let that discourage you from something that you can really enjoy once you get the hang of it… but even then you will still run into problems it’s never going to be without problems that’s just the way it goes no matter how big or great your facility or your grow room or your area is… :wink:

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You are so right @peachfuzz more than I know you are actually.
You’ve never met yourself so I’m the biggest jerk you will ever meet lol
I’m really on a journey of epic proportions and to get where I want to go I need to die and be reborn. Not to sound dramatic but if it was easy my first time I would be doomed going forward. It’s best to get the bad stuff out of the way then reap the rewards.
This stuff means so much to me I don’t think I’ll ever stop and that is what I meant from the post:
At the beginning everything was innocent and slow moving and full of potential but now I have these teenagers who don’t listen to their parents lol. I feel like starting over would release all of the baggage I am carrying trying to bring these ladies to perfect health. :slight_smile:

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Very well said…! (and deserves repeating)


I get a good deal of satisfaction bringing a plant from death’s doorstep to finishing up. I did everything I could to kill my first grow but stuck it out and had some great medicine. The good thing about doing that is future grows can be much easier if your plant has the same problem and you catch it fast before it becomes a problem that slows the grow! Just my opinion.


@TxGrowman I think I am at that phase well said

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