Research on splitting stem technique to increase trichomes

I read ILGM article on splitting plant stem 3 to 4 days before harvesting plant to increase trichomes. My question for others: has anyone experimented with using a cordless drill to drill a 1/4” hole through the plant stem 3to 4 days before harvesting the plant to see if the trichome production increases due to plant stress?


@sirsmokes does this with a drill. its easier/better apparently

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You could definitely drill it.
@skyroo1029 split the stem and you can see the trichome production clearly.

I also found this I’m sure this will help.

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It would essentially be the same thing as splitting the stem

In my experience the stems split easy with a scree driver and a twisting moition when pushing threw the stem

Once screwdrivers is threw stem apply pressure and push the screw driver away and that will open up the stem insert pencil or similar item and your done takes about 1-2 minuets per plant that includes putting the wire ties on (zip ties )

But for those that has issues a drill will work ok also

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Drilling works well, is very easy, and is much safer for your fingers than the other method. No need to zip-tie or put anything in the drilled holes. Takes about 30 seconds.


Hey could someone put a picture up of this in action? I’m intrigued.

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I drill 2 opposing holes and insert dowels. Easy and safer, for me.


I’ve done it multiple times. Quick and easy.

Does it work… who knows.


@SilentHippie & @Drinkslinger: I’m just curious about what size drill-bit you use. I’m new to this.

It depends on the size of the stalk.

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I quit doing this practice all together. I haven’t done a side by side of trichomes under a microscope or anything but I don’t “feel” higher off of split stem weed.

The purpose is to disrupt the “flow” of water and nutrients through the xylem/phloem do it is essentially the same thing. For that matter, if you could support the plant where it won’t fall over, you could just super crop the hell out of the trunk. Drilling seems to be most conducive to not having to have extra plant supports. Back when I did it, I would have numerous holes filled at different heights up and down the trunk of the plant.