Renewing Carbon Air Filter in Oven

Has anyone had success with heating their air filter to get additional life? My grow is pumping out ~10-15 gallons of water to perspiration from my 4 DWC’s /week and my carbon filter is starting to allow smell to pass. From what I’ve read the problem with filters is more to do with moisutre rather that carbon capacity . Was thinking of baking the filter to dry it out to get additional life.

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Give us a heads up on how that goes :+1:

You could bake the extracted carbon and reuse. But is only good for two or three times.

Do you mean styrofoam was used as a filler, or just at the ends?


This was an informative post, thanks for the follow up @WickedAle
I’m also thinking about what I’m going to do when mine starts to allow smell to pass.
Giving @BobbyDigital reply I may try and take it apart and bake just the carbon so save some $. If I can do that once or twice that would be a huge savings