Removing the small leaves

Should I remove the small leaves that grow from the branches? Not the fan leaves , but the smaller ones . If so how many per clip ? Thx

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Toss a pic up

Thx for the help . Not the greatest light. Waiting for mars hydro sp3000 to get here for my 2*4 tent .

based on your picture I personally would not take any leaves at this time…


I surely wouldnt keep all those bud sites. Id cut anything below the red line and keep the rest that way you have some fat nugs. The ones below that line wont get very big as they arent getting as much light


If this plant was not in flower could I remove those small leaves . Thx

I wouldn’t. I’d only remove fans and clear the bottom 1/3. Then remove anything blocking light or air flow. Unless they’re dead leave the smaller leaves. Think of leaves as solar panels that are converting light into energy for your plant to grow. Take too many and it’ll do a lot more harm than good. You’ll see cases of extreme defoliation resulting in huge yields, but for every one of those you’ll find ten or more that ruined a plant. I forget who to thank for it, but rule of thumb is never remove more than 20% of fans at a time.



Is their a site or do you know where I can when to and when not to remove leaves and which to remove. Thx

Is that an auto? I’m sure there are threads on here about it, but if you prefer an article I’ll link you to one. It’s different for auto and photoperiod plants is why I ask.


It’s a photo . And ty

https://www.growweedeasy(DOT)com/defoliation is a decent article. You can also just run a search for “how to defoliate cannabis” and you’ll get a ton of similar results. Clearing the bottom 1/3 is called lollipopping if you want to research it.

Defoliation is one of those things where you can overcomplicate it very easily. Once you understand why and the basics it’s easy. After you do it a couple times you’ll be able to look at a plant for a couple seconds and know exactly what to remove.

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Would u prefer this light in a 2*4 or a Mars hydro sp3000 . Thx again

It’s been a while sorry but check out “nebula haze defoliation”. Lots of good info