Remove fan leaves during flowering?

Hey people i was wondering my girl a white widow auto fem .the pistils are getting brown maybe 25% I’ll check tricones when i return home this evening what I’m wondering if removing some fan leaves might be helpful or harmful

I do not remove them if they are healthy. I do tuck them out of the way if the are obstructing light…


Harmful. Those leaves are going to supply your buds with food in the last few weeks of life. Leave them on and remove only the dead ones.

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Ok and as for adding nutes to dwc when should one stop and use only straight water?

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I’m not a hydro guy but for soil it’s 2 weeks out from harvest so the plant uses up all the remaining nutes. But with hydro I’m sure it’s shorter. Wish I knew who to tag in on this. @Myfriendis410 who are the good hydro guys?

@Screwauger might be able to answer

Thanks @Daddy

I do not remove them. These are my first autos I am growing now. As a general rule, if the leaf is not dead or nearly dead I leave it. If touching i causes it to fall off, take it. My approach to these auto’s is do nothing. I am doing gentle LST to open up the center and my instincts are to “clean up” the bottom area of leaves etc but I am not going to as a test.

Many people do remove them and if you decide to the goal would be to not stress her. One or two a day maybe but I am speculating, I wouldn’t do it. I tuck leaves every day.

I only have used a “passive hydro” but in all of the coco journals (passive hydro) I read, 11 days seemed to be the norm. That is what I am going to shoot for.

@garrigan62 @Hogmaster @Donaldj might have more to say. @Gman753

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@garrigan62, @Niala

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Can you put some pictures up ?