Relaive humidity question

Just harvested my ILGM Jack Herer auto at 90 days from germination. Best I’ve done in my year or so of trying. She’s hanging in a basement closet. what’s the best humidity % for drying/curing? She’s heavy, and I don’t want to waste it. Thanks.


60°F 60%RH In the dark, with air flow. As close to that as you can.

Thanks, it’s about 64% now (been rainy here.) It’s dark and I have a fan blowing down the hall.

Sounds good. Happy growing.

Well done. Good look’n girl. Was she slow to start? I have three of them in the garden and I swear they are the slowest starters I have grown.

Very nice ! As @Covertgrower mentioned with 60 degrees F an 60 percent RH is going to give you a slow dry 8 to 10 days and it’s going to taste and smell great.


Yeah I’m happy with 62.5 so 60-65% is my feel good area.