My harvest plan: thoughts?

I am going to harvest my first 2 plants tomorrow before the sun is up and plan to wash them off in water with a little hydrogen peroxide and then rinse them off in filtered water and then hang them in a shady spot outside until they stop dripping. Then I’m going to trim the fan leaves and put my stems with buds into grow boxes and take them into my drying room, which is a spare bathroom. I cleaned the whole bathroom well and then wiped it down with hydrogen peroxided water. I ordered a 6" exhaust fan that will be here tonight and my husband will put it into the window and cover the remaining parts with blackout fabric. The exhaust fan is to try to reduce the smell. I have a fan to circulate air in there and a small humidifier. The hyrgrometer I got is currently reading 47 rh and 72 degrees.

  1. won’t the humidity go up when the plants are in there? seems like i want the humidity to be around 55 to 60 degrees.

  2. is there anything wrong with doing a couple of plants in grow boxes in the dry room and then try to harvest 2 whole plants (keeping them as full as possible) and hang them directly on the shower rack instead of putting in a grow box?

  3. any other thoughts?


Congratulations! Would have loved to see your first plants! So drying and curing. 60/60 (degrees/RH) is the big goal I suppose but I can’t say I’ve ever had a dry that was absolutely perfect conditions. I try to get it close to those numbers and have at least a 10 day dry time. When I started, I stuck a meter in all my closets and such to see which one was ideal conditions for drying. So my dry closet, I’m right at 55 RH and 72 degrees drying.
You’ve done your homework, I’m sure you’ll be fine! Good Luck!!!


That’s exactly where my garage is at …I think and hope In a few weeks …it should be cooler even ,I’m considering hanging mine in a large cardboard box and exhausting out a vent through the garage door I don’t use much .

@Autoregulator thanks for posting this …because I am scrambling also …I have a few weeks but still feel so unprepared …

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I saw a couple of lacewings on my plants this am and thought of you. :crazy_face: LOL.

I was measuring the temp and humidity in my garage over the past couple of days and it was so hot and hard to control environmentally that I made the decision to set it up in my bathroom.

Here are the first 2 I’m chopping:

The first one had caterpillar infestation a couple weeks back and the second one has been the runt of the whole crop because I grew it in a tomato hydro planter. It’s ready and kind of my experiment so I’m doing it first. Trichomes are all ½ amber.

This is the mother and I’ll do her next:

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@BobbyDigital Would love your advice on this. Should I put in grow box in my dry room or just in dry room without box? Dry room has circulation fan (not on buds) and 6" exhaust fan to try to reduce smell… RH at 55% and temp averages 70

Boy you’re trim hand is gonna be tired! What do you mean by grow boxes? Dry room conditions look perfect

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Sorry! I meant dry boxes! I was gonna do cardboard dry boxes in the garage but when it was too hot in there I moved them to the extra bathroom. Figured I’d put in drybox in dry room… but maybe I should just hang 1/2 on shower rack directly.

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@Lacewing @stillincloset
I harvested my 2 plants with the most issues this morning pre-dawn. They are both sativas. First one had a caterpillar infestation and the spots where damage was looked like this:

I cleaned the plants in 3 bins: 1st had an H202 mix w water (½ cup + 5 gallons water), 2nd two were were rinses. I cleaned them and hung them and wet trimmed them and put them in dry boxes and into my dry room.

Current temp is 70 and RH is 47.


Caterpillars suck
Actually they chew
But you know what I mean


Personally, I’d try to get that RH up a little bit. Your plants may dry to quickly. There’s a reason why all the dry packs we use are set at 62 RH

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it’s 61 now. once i put the plants in to dry the ph went up (i’m assuming from the water being released into the air).

Very nice. Did you look at your trichomes before harvest? It’s very hard to tell from the pics but I’m getting a little to early to harvest vibe… It’s kinda like that red apple on a tree, if it’s a little pink, it’s close but you want all that flavor before you pick it!!!

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I look at them all the time and the ones I already harvested were almost too amber for me. A little more than 50% on the sugar leaves.
One of the three I harvested only partially since the plants below needed more time to finish.

I’m still waiting on my mothership:

Yeah cool! You got this!

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