Reddish dots on stems, a concern?

Hello Fellow Growers!

Put this in my journal but wanted to highlight it here in Plant Care ust in case it’s an eminent concern…here goes…
6 week old WWAF - noticed this morning reddish purple dots on the stems - online search gave conflicting info - some say normal, some say cal-mag deficiency.

Please evaluate and thanks for sharing your wisdom!

What does the leaves look like? Cannabis Symptom Checker - Identify Cannabis Leaf Problems will help you with identifying if you have not looked at it yet. Calcium deficiency usually shows as a completely purple stem and ratty looking leaves with rust looking spots.

The leaves do not look like those in the deficient pics - I think this may be a normal phenotypic expression, based on some Internet research.

But, if it’s an early Ca deficiency it should be taken care of by the cal-mag I’ll be starting soon :slight_smile:

Thank you!

That symptom Checker is really nice ! I was going to recommend that you start a small dose of Ca/Mag if nothing else as preventative. If I remember correctly, WW did use a little Ca/Mg when i grew them. Good luck on your grow. Jerry

@TxGrowman its is a great resource, I’ve bookmarked it, thanks for sharing. Girls are really taking off now, no buds yet but look like any moment there will be!
Here they are last night at roughly 6 1/2 weeks from seed
(Sorry - Under LED in these pics )

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