Red stripes is this normal in flowering

Curious about the red stripes on the stems is this something i should worry about or is it normal i believe im in 5 weeks of flower …organic grow


I have a hard time thinking of a plant that has not had them. I have been growing quite a few purple strains though.
this is GDP

It has never been an issue or sign of major deficiency (magnesium). It is usually genetics but can be a sign of environmental stress - light or heat


My stems for the fan leaves are going deep red also, think it’s entirely a pheno thing so nothing to worry about


Beautiful looking buds , Red straps would be normal.

Nice plants! All looks good, happy harvest

The plants do this as a defence mechanism to protect itself from light. You should see the most red/purple on stems directly hit by light. Not bad, basically a plant tan.

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Okay thanks everyone for the information!