Recognizing the plant

I want to ask, is it possible to determine at such young age whether its Indica or Sativa?

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You can tell once the true leaves start coming in. For instance, the row in the middle going up and down looks to be sativa leaning phenos. Usually on a sativa, the fingers on the fan leaf will have space in between them whereas an indicas fan leafs will be much fatter, and usually a dark shade of green.


It used to be in the old land race days. Generally you indicas will be stockyer fat leaves and sativas will be long and skinny. However we have hybridized so much that its harder to tell these days. You can get a near pure indica that smokes and feels like an indica but presents leaves closer to a sativa, and vice versa.

I cannot remember where i read it but im sure if you look around on the web you can find it, an article where they tested (dna) of a bunch of product purchased in dispensaries and like half werent what the professed to be. Was interesting read.


Thank you, for the comprehensive answer.