Indica or Sativa? Please help Identify

I bought two sets of seeds, one indica, one sativa. My inner nitwit got the sets mixed up during germination… the soak. They’ve grown up for about 5 weeks now and hope they can be distinguished. I have my suspicions, but would very much like your sense of this.

I want to grow only 1 indica and 2 sativa’s. (and give the rest away to friends)

*The blue-taped plants are one group and the non-taped plants are the other.

Any clear idea of which is which?
*If too soon, when should they start to show their characteristics?

Thank you, my friends!!!


Little early to tell but indica leaves be wide sativa will be slinder @Hoyt happy growing my friend they look awesome

Early to tell, are these hybrids? The blue set looks a lil shorter possibly indica. Hard to tell sometimes when so young. Lots of pics on www sativa long skinny fingers tall lanky and indica short wide and thick. Also pay attention to leaf finger count 5-7 big heavy wide short indica…7-11 long skinny possibly sativa….