Recharge opinions?

What’s everyone’s opinion on the real growers recharge
Should I be using it as much as they say
When should I use it
So far it really seemed to help my run that’s struggling
I’m growing in happy frog

Use as directed. The product contains microbes that consume plant nutrients and then poop them back in in a form that is more bioavailable to the plant. Overuse can dramatically increase nutrient uptake and cause problems.


When growing cannabis in a grow mix, you can use Real Growers Recharge to enhance plant health and nutrient uptake. It’s the consistency not quantity that work best.

  1. Mix: Add half a teaspoon of Recharge per gallon of water.
  2. Application: Pour the mixture directly onto your plant’s soil.
  3. Frequency: Use Recharge once a week, starting as soon as your plant has roots. It’s also excellent for reducing transplant stress.
  4. Storage: For best results, use Recharge within one hour of mixing

Recharge contains beneficial soil microbes, mycorrhizae, and kelp, which help improve root systems, nutrient absorption, and overall plant health. Happy growing! :seedling::herb:


I didn’t know it needed to be used right away


Yep, start mine after they germinate. I add a micro dose to the reservoir of my clone box. Once roots are 4-6 inches long they go to 5 gallon DWC with a regular dose. I use a different product, Hydroguard, but beneficial microbes.
Real Growers Recharge offers several benefits for cannabis cultivation:

  1. Microbial Boost: Recharge contains beneficial soil microbes, including mycorrhizae and other beneficial bacteria. These microbes enhance nutrient uptake, improve root health, and contribute to overall plant vigor.
  2. Nutrient Cycling: The microbes in Recharge help break down organic matter in the soil, releasing nutrients that are otherwise unavailable to the plant. This nutrient cycling ensures a steady supply of essential elements.
  3. Stress Reduction: Recharge can reduce transplant shock and stress. When used during transplanting, it supports root development and helps plants adapt to their new environment.
  4. Natural Ingredients: Recharge is made from natural ingredients like kelp, molasses, and humic acids. It’s an eco-friendly choice for sustainable gardening.

Remember to follow the recommended dosage and application instructions for optimal results! :seedling::herb: .


I’m currently growing in the dreaded fox farm
Using happy frog
Next spring I’m either going to switch to a DWC setup or more likely canna coco
Right now for budget reasons I’m using what I have


So Recharge is designed for organics ? What nutes do you use in your RDWC ?


Your in fun ride with DWC. Growth is explosive and you can. Veg much faster. If you’re in a tent, be prepared to flip to flower much faster. Otherwise you’ll risk topping out into your lights.

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I haven’t gone into DWC yet
I’m currently in soil
The next run will be in soil
After that I’m thinking about putting a DWC together
I’m kinda scared of it lol
But the first thing I gotta do is get my environment straight
I’m in a VIVOSUN 4x4
Controlling the environment has been a process