Ready to transplant. Need training Blueberry CBD

Hey guys many of you know my name by now. I am starting a new grow. This is blueberry CBD feminized. They are 3 weeks from popping out of the soil. Will be transplanting to next size containers this week. I want to train them right from the get go on short and even canopy. Can I get good advice on where to chop them. I do have the training plant twist ties. At this point I was going to clip them at the red line and bury them up to the blue line in the new pot. I am all set on getting my dirt set up and nutrients but I’m not sure about the training part. This is an indoor 3x3x7 grow tent. 2 of them will be leaving as soon as weather permits. Please help and follow along for further updates. Happy growing guys!


Not that it matters but curious what soil/nutes you’re using. Regardless I’ll set to watch! Good Luck.

Right now they are started in happy frog. Will be going into a 1 gallon container filled with ffof with worm castings and organic bone meal with 20% perlite mixture. Final resting containers I believe will be 7 gallon pots. Nutrients will be the fox farm line up. My light is a spider farmer G2000

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Sorry misprint that is a spider farmer g3000

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Just a total suggestion here, but since you’ve gone all organic up to this point, you might check out fox farm fruit and flower 4-9-3. I mix some in my soil along with other organic nutrients like you’ve mentioned, then top dress in about 6 weeks. Works great.

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Thanks I will check into that.

Tagging along Mucluc ifin ya dont mind :+1:

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Heck yeah, twist one up and come along for the ride. Just keep your eye out the windows for Turkeys.