Ready to harvest / Keep adding nutes?

This is my first time growing an autoflower. I started flushing maybe 2ish weeks ago, but now that I get a close-up look I’m thinking I should go back to adding nutes for a few more weeks?

Can I get some advice?


All the pistils have turned brown and receded into the bud. I see quite a bit of amber trichomes.
If it was my plant, I would harvest it, but it’s a personal preference


I see almost 100% clear, probably looking at 1.5-2 weeks depending on the buzz you want. If you convinced on adding nutrients, I would go back with 1/2 of some PK and molasses. I typically feed molasses particularly the last 2 weeks of flower prior to a 1 week flush. I’m in coco though :love_you_gesture:

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Still new at this, hope this is not a stupid question. What is “PK”, how much molasses?


She looks like she is ready to harvest to me, as well. Good luck!


P is Phosphorus and K is Potassium. Most people use 1 tablespoon of molasses per gallon of water.

I will say, if you let the amber keep going you’ll just end up with some nice sleep meds, if that’s what your going for

Patasium and phosphorus, a bloom booster will work. Before adding any nutrients, still recommend the molasses. I asked about the buzz you’re looking for Trichome coloring. 15-20% is a nice day buzz, more amber more couch lock. Harvesting too soon can lead to a paranoid buzz, racy feeling. Can you send me an overall pic, tips. Look beautiful and healthy. Seeing as you only have a week or so left and the tops look that good, there’s no risk of here canibalizing herself. Are you in soil and flushing every other day or?

Time to harvest, dry and cure!

Went in on my laptop for a better view of your trichome, phone has a cracked screen. I do notice a good bit of milky Trichomes now, I’m still thinking 3-6 days, didn’t notice much amber. Again depends on the buzz you’re looking for

For me, this is a good amount of amber

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My goal is to end up with a more sleep med…

Are you saying I should harvest?

Do you have this?

My goal is more of a sleep aid than a buzz, this is Granddaddy Purple, GDP is a indica and has one of the highest “sleepy” effects I could find.

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My goal is more of a sleep aid. I have been flushing for 2ish weeks now, maybe watering every 3 to 4 days…
Can I flush with molasses? (1 tablespoon of molasses per gallon of water) maybe do that for another 2ish week?

Imo I’d harvest but if u want “couch lock” wait about a week.

Always check your bud Trichomes not the leaves as shown in a response above. Leaves will turn sooner than buds. Ali the pistils will recede back into the bud, I still see some that have not, that’s usually a good indicator they’re ready or close. Personally, for sleeping I would give a few more days. I grow all 3, Sativa, Indica and my personal favorite is a Sativa dominant Hybrid. GDP is a great sleep aid, and good choice.


They’ll turn so we on leaves than buds :love_you_gesture:

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Flipp’n auto correct, turn sooner on leaves than the bud