Ready to harvest help?

Granddaddy Purple midway thru week 8 of flowering.
I’m starting to get nervous.

What do you think?


It depends on what you are after. Now you are mostly cloudy which is going to be a more energetic high. If looking for that couch lock you need some more time to build some amber in there. Peace


Looks awesome. Im growing the GDP auto. When did the buds start to frost up? Mine are 3 weeks into flower and not much to see yet.

They all responded to flipping very quickly there was one that was a hard charger in front of the rest but mostly started seeing sugar around 2.5wks or so into flowering

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Looks great, gonna have to add GDP to my “strains to grow soon” list. I’d wait til you see some amber trichs, almost there.

I see you are moving totally to the dark side. Lol

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Yeah, I have been testing out Jacks 321 for a month on some plants and I like what I see and ready to jump, also got my canna coco bricks, so next seed drops will be in coco with Jacks.


I will keep the AN flag flying. I am not switching. I Get the price and mixing but I’m still sold on it. Peace

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I see you been using c vaults. Question would you like it better in box form? Peace

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Yeah, square ones would be cool.

I run a Manufacturing facility. I was looking at them and figured if I made them square and possibly bi level it might be better. I think they would sell better as well. New product line for me possibly.