Ready or not? Should I or shouldn't i

Hi I’m new to this but was hoping to get some advise if my outdoor plants are ready for harvest you guys all seem to know your stuff really well``


Best way to check is with a 60x jeweler loop. You really can see if the they have milky or amber colored. The more amber the more couch lock you will have. If you could get a more closer pic it may help. Looks great.

Thanks for the reply mate, I took this pic just before dark this arv I tried to get closer pic but they kept on being blurry


You need to be able to see the trichomes @Belly76 with a Jewelers loupe or a microscope attachment for your smartphone.
This is what you need to see though this pic of mine is still a ways to go, lol

Cheers, and that looks the goods

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@bob31, I gota hand it to ya bob. Your the man…lol

Yes he needs a Jewelers loupe or a microscope



Which country are you growing outdoors in can I ask?

Australia Sydney

I picked up a cheap little handheld unit for under $10 that allows me to clip a tiny sample from a bud leaf and examine on a flat white surface (critical). There is no way you will get it right otherwise.

Also from Syd ,if you put jewelers loop into the Australian buy and sell you will find them there for around $15 ,just make sure 60x plus zoom

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Thanks I’m getting one for sure

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You’re getting close for sure that jewelers loop will be your best friend

Hi there and thanks for alls advise, I got a loop and tried to get some pics pls let me know if you think their done

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It’s not ready yet… You need to see some amber in that sugar

Cheers mate I thought so, i just needed some conformation IV learned heaps from this site and its members, Do you think it’s only a couple of days away, remembering its outdoors?

I 1st grow too… In my opinion I think 1-2 weeks… Depending how will progress.

Maybe this will help!

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Thanks again, how goods that very helpful :ok_hand: