How long till ready for harvest

How long before it’s ready to harvest?

Pictures are to blurry to see any real details. A $10 jeweler loupe off Amazon takes the guess work out of k owing when the plant is ready or not.

She sure is pretty plant.


Mr Peat thank you and I’ve looked under MagnifyGlass that’s what this pic was taken with is 30x MagnifyGlass didn’t realize they would turn out so blurry been flowering a while for an auto I feel it’s going on week eleven right now and still milky with hardly no burgundy ?


It does better under 60x magnification. Its all good. Crap happens…:+1:

That is why many will say get a Jeweler loupe for $10 with 30x and 60x options.

For me…I don’t want amber ever. I hate couch lock. I had one time where I couldn’t move for 3 hours.

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So I should go ahead and harvest?

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Harvesting depends on what your looking for if you don’t want couch lock then I’d say little to no Amber if you want a little couch lock I’d say 10-15 % amber

Right on thank you josh1126