Ready for the next step in water, I think

So my plant is now about 3 weeks old, and I wasn’t sure if I should wait one more week before introducing any sort of nutrients, or if I should get started with something beneficial in the meantime like CalMag. I’m using FF ocean soil, no current nutrients, when I water I use a sprayer to spray around the plant and focus on the outside walls to encourage root growth. It’s been about 3 days since her last water, so I was going to just give her one last spray like usual. I could use some help also with how much water to introduce, as she is getting bigger and I have not watered to runoff yet. Thanks for any comments. This is her this morning.


You’ll have plenty of nutes in the soil for a few weeks.

Have you checked the PPMs of your soil?

I would suggest watering more than spraying at this point. Check pot weight before watering to be familiar with the weight before watering. It will help you know when to water again. Make sure to pH your water to around 6.5 before watering.

Looking good!


FFOF will take you into flower without supplements. Cal mag is going to be dependent on genetics and lighting as to whether you will need it. Same with silica as the medium should contain all of the above.

My plants are a bit bigger than that right now, in coco and I’m watering around a quart a day. In soil I’d say you could run a pint per every couple of days and monitor as it’s demand will go up.