Ready for my second grow - Autos this time 'round

Hey y’all!

I hope everyone is having a nice summer. I just got my WW autos in the mail yesterday. ILGM really came through with that 10+10 special!! I truly believed I was gonna get arrested while retrieving them from the mailbox :rofl: I didn’t and the seeds are beautiful and burning a hole in my pocket.

This is gonna be my second grow and first time doing autos. I relocated my tent to the garage, bought two smaller AC units, and am headed this afternoon to get new soil. I plan on sprouting them outside because, here in the Gulf Coast right now, it’s hot and humid (RH today is about 58%). I’m optimistic that this will work well because for the past two summers, I’ve thrown “dirt weed” seeds in with the geraniums in the full sun, watered once a day, and they grow like crazy. I didn’t have such luck trying to germinate inside. I have a few questions before I start.

  1. Any recommendations specific to autos when it comes to fimming or topping or SCROGGING? I worried that the growth rate will not allow for the amateur mistakes I made with my photo GG4. I yielded about 4oz off GG and I know that I could have gotten more if I would have done fimming, etc. but I feel like the training stuff with autos is a whole new ball game.

  2. I’m going to try just two plants first and I think it would be cool if I could keep them as outdoor plants but I’m worried about the heat and critters. I played hell trying to control the damn fungus gnats even with Jacks and Neem. If I use a few companion plants like society garlic and marigolds, should that keep the pests to a min? Also, temps have been in the mid 90’s (heat index of 100) and RH approx. 55-70% during the day. I’m just wondering if that’s too intense for this strain and I should stick them in the tent when they hit veg. Thoughts?

Any other tips for a first time auto grow would be super appreciated. :smiley:

Thanks also to those who contributed to my first grow. We ended up smoking 2.5 oz in a month and making the rest into edibles. I’m now forever a GG lover :heart_eyes: I’m going to try to make a grow journal with this grow.

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@Never_Legendary I’d say whatever hst you plan do it early. Some of these autos hit the ground RUNNING.

I never train Autos as they are on a specific timeline unique to that seed. I let then run with little interference.

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@Fieldofdreams has a good point. (Sometimes) lol These ladies have a mind of their own. That’s all i got for you. I grow photos.


No takebacksee’s!! Everyone saw it and the internet DONT FORGET!!:grin:


I got 5 and 1/2oz. Off of bruce banner auto i got from ILGM i fimmed the F@#K out of it 1 one plant

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I FIM THE F@#K OUT OF EM. Once in end of second week then once more at end of 3rd week then by the fourth week plant is all healed up and they go into flower

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If you’re going to grow these outdoors let them go naturally, if indoors go for the topping once they hit the 6th node and top back to the 4th. I grow both autos and photos and treat them the same just sooner on autos. I’ve been fortunate that all my autos start flowering around 28-36 days and I’m done with HST by week 3. LST and defoliation is all I do after that :love_you_gesture:

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Here they are at day 7 after sprouting. I intended to grow outside but the heat has begun breaking records so that’s a no go. They stopped growing due to heat stress so inside they went under the lights and humidifier. They’ve started two new sets of leaves and the cotyledons are beginning to die back since yesterday. I just want to get past the anxiety-ridden seedling stage. Lol

Also, my fabric pots have come in. I’m using FFHF soil like with GG4 grow but thought I would try fabric pots as I have a habit of over watering.