RDWC Upgrading to 8 plant system / Gelato by ilgm

Ok so here’s a fresh start on a rebuild to system.

Doing build slowly and then we get plants in it.

New parts are coming in slowly.

So far this is what’s together.

8 tubs in a 4x8

2 tubs outside for res with air and water pump. Chiller as well.

Small scrap pipes from old system on floor. Still replacing. Just got new 1" line in today.

Also 1/4 air line and stones with fittings for air system.

Also contemplating a auto doser for nutrients.

I’ll update as I build.


Oh previous pieces.

Pics say enough.


Nice setup $$


I will be watching nice

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Finally put it all together. Filling with water now. RO so will take most the day.

I would like to run system a day or two to clean inline pump and chiller.

What should I add to water to help clean it ?
I will drain and refill after a few days.

Peroxide is your friend. GH Hydroguard is probably not necessary yet.

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Thanks @Myfriendis410 I’ll add peroxide for a few days then drain and refill. It is still empty system just doing a clean for pump and chiller before I start the grow.

Looks nice; have you seen some of the issues with growers and Zkittles?

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Yeah I’d avoid the ILGM Zkittlez unless you like hermies.

@Hellraiser to late I have seeds already. I’ll just use switch at flip. No big deal.

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Seeds popping. Have 6 up now.

They are in a dome for humidity


@Hellraiser any tips for the zkittles ?

It’s a sure thing I will grow them. Last grow I did ilgm gorilla glue and had hermie but reversed it with foliar switch spray. Just a pain to spray due to only hitting leaves,had to cover buds. All male parts dried up and fell off.

Now I need a way to draw air from room into tent. There is no room in tent for humidifier so I have to circulate air from outside of tent that has proper humidity without bringing light into tent. Though the room is closed and dark I dont want to take any chances with light leaks.

My only advice would be to destroy them and grow something else. it’s a waste of time, space, soil, water, nutes. Horribly hermie infested genetics.

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@Hellraiser what’s a good genetic I could try ? Already did the gorilla glue, would try something else.
I think I’ll just shut system off and order new seeds then. You got me worried and I’d rather not waste the time.


My favorite strain from ILGM so far has been the Blue Dream, such a great smoke.

The Zkittlez is just guaranteed to hermie and hermie badly. 3 of 4 plants were growing as many male flowers as female flowers, makes for horrible seed infested bud. The one I have left is mostly female but is heavily seeded, probably throw most of it out as it be won’t be worth my trim time, just want a taste of it after all the time put in.

When I heard of others Zkittlez going hermie, I was worried but kept on going thinking maybe they had environmental factors which may have caused the hermies. but I have no environment issues that would cause that so it’s just in the genetics to go hermie, no avoiding it.

ILGM should throw away their Zkittlez seeds and not sell them anymore.

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@Hellraiser I checked the blue dream out and it’s a tall plant. Also not on sale.
They have a 10 for 10 sale rite now I’ll prob pick one of those. Could you recomend one of the ones on sale ? If you have the time to look I would greatly appreciate it.

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Yes the Blue Dream is a tall one as most sativa dominant strains will be.

From the ones on sale I’d probably go with the Gelato, which I’ll be ordering as well, a balanced hybrid that should stay shorter.

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Sweet , thanks for the help.

I drained system, on a plus side the new drain out works great in my system. Lmao I’m ordering seeds now.

Thanks again !!

I’ll update post once seeds arrive and I start growing.

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Got my Gilato seeds today. Will be starting them within a few days.

Thinking of tearing tent down and just using the room. Will make it easier to control temps and air flow. Just have to buy panels for the walls for insulation.
Currently tent makes window unusable so without tent I can add a window ac/heat pump.
If that’s doable. I dont know if light will penetrate a window unit.