Random employment urinalysis

Im just curious as to how you guys handle random piss tests on the job. Detox drinks, fake urine , also which works and which will fail you?

Had a buddy that tried he detox stuff and it didnt work. I used to carry fake pee with me (quick fix)

Thanks i never had to use either one so I was just wanting to get some feedback from other people and have a plan just in case comes up. My job has been doing randoms every since medical marijuana passed

Can you not get a doctor’s note saying it’s your medicine? If you do, then it doesn’t matter. Just like the people on opioids. Not suppose to take your tabs and perks on the job but oh boy do they. Almost as if they are rubbing it in your face that they are about to be medicated. They get whiz quiz and bc of the dr note, it’s cleared and they keep their job. And I’m assuming it’s legal in your state

works like a charm.

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Yeah i het what your saying and its true but medical is legal but againt employers policy

Hmm, that sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen or they will not have a work force due to firing everyone with THC in their system

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That’s not true as he pointed out. I doubt you’ll see people winning lawsuits either while it’s still illegal federally. Alcohol is legal, yet companies are still able to terminate personnel showing up to work under the influence. If/when cannabis is legal on a federal level and a test that actually determines whether one is actually impaired, maybe.


I see what your saying but it’s illegal to drive under the influence and it’s illegal to be out in public while intoxicated. And osha would have a field day showing up to a business and seeing a company allowing intoxication on job site. What I was trying to say is Its also against many company policies (including a job i worked at) that you can not take a prescribed narcotic pain killer 8 hrs before your scheduled to work. But yet people do, get tested, and keep their jobs. All bc of the dr’s note and they (the business) are not going to pay the high cost to get an in depth analysis. Didnt know they could fire you for following doctors orders lol … Give it time tho, it’s already being documented where companies in legal states are scratching THC out of the employment drug screen bc of high % of usage. In other words, they can’t keep firing or not hiring due to cannabis use bc they don’t have enough people to run production. And the fact that it stays in your system for so long after usage isn’t helpful


It’ll never be allowed in the maritime, airline or heavy equipment industry unless someone comes up with a breath analysis system.

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Be aware the Federal Level of you as a dirty marijuana user is…5 microns.
That is 5 millionths of one percent. DISA and other “drug testing–rehab businesses” call it dirty at 2.5 microns. They make a lot of business for themselves. No appeal.

Best way is to have a “clean” adult same sex as you give you a small bottle of clean fresh once a week. Then to make the temp verification at the test…have to keep the bottle close to your body. To keep it warm…and, when they come for you. You will not be allowed to get in your desk, locker or be out of sight of the tester. So, it has to be with you. Be aware they usually have a two way mirror so they can watch you pee.


They have a 2 hour tongue scrapper. It goes back two hours. How each person is effected, by the same amount of weed from smoking two hours ago is debatable. At least for the purpose of intoxication.

Every company I’ve worked for is extremely loose with their verbiage here. In summary, they generally require you to show up “fit for duty”. They do this specifically to avoid litigation and satisfy insurance requirements. Failing a random or pre employment screen because you have a scheduled drug in your system with rx generally isn’t a big deal. But failing a post accident screen could be a different story. There’s going to be a lot of circumstantial bias here, as there probably should be. I’ve seen someone fired for being under the influence of a prescribed drug at work. And I’ve seen someone fail a drug test without a script and keep their job.


I actually got hired at a call center after I failed pre employment ua. My wife keeps private insurance to cover her work accidents. In OK if you pay with private then there is no workers comp ua because they aren’t covering it. Loop hole for the stoners.


I’m in Oklahoma also so how does it work with random UA’s

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I know in OK random doesn’t mean immediately. If I tell you right now to go pee you have 24hrs to show up to take it at the lab. That gives you time to study for the test. Also, OK is a right to work state so you can be fired for any reason or no reason at all. So randoms aren’t a necessity for employers to “get to fire someone” the way it used to be.

@Mush4kush what city in OK?

Oklahoma city

Are you going to Cannacon in Sept? I went to the one this summer. It was worth it. It pretty much a trade show but I left with sooooo much schwag. Definitely worth it. They have a few seminars too.

Is that the event at lost lakes?