Random 1st time Grow Journal (Indoor, soil, auto)

Well, here we go. Hopefully this goes well. The seeds have been soaking in a shot glass of distilled water for about 12 hrs at this point, I noticed some swelling and transferred them into a wet paper towel and baggie to continue germinating while I get the pots ready.


And the Show begins!!!


Happy growing!

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Happy Grow. I kept a journal of my first indoor grow with autos in soil. I’m on my second grow and I’m already looking back and laughing at myself. Thats how we learn. Edison said that he never failed in his many attempts to make the electric light work. Instead, he said, “I found out what doesn’t work.”


Happy growing, keep the ziplock in a dark warm place for the next 36-48 hours and you’ll have tails :love_you_gesture:


set to watch

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@Dennis62 almost forgot to tag you into my journal as you requested. :grimacing:

So last night I spent some time double checking my water parameters and mixing my seedling soil. As well as ducting in a ReptiFogger I had sitting around for some added humidity.

I’m starting out the seedlings by mixing:
some organic potting mix I already had on hand that I screened and sifted to 1/4” of about 60%.
FFOF ~20%
Perlite ~20%
And Mikos Extreme

I didn’t want to put the seeds straight in FFOF as I’ve read many reports of shock to the plants from such a rich soil.

Now I’m struggling to decide if I should go with the two solo cup method and transfer later, or put that seedling soil I mixed myself in the center of my pots and plant directly in the pot (straight FFOF & Mykos Extreme) so I don’t have to transfer. I’ll take all advice on this…

Water conditions:
Tested with a Zero Water tds tester and chemical aquarium water test kit I also already had on hand.

Pre conditioning from tap: 136 tds and 7.7pH
Post conditioning with pH Down: 159 tds and 6.2pH
(Conditioned at 1ml + 2 drops)

So one seed still hasn’t done anything. I even put it back in a shot glass of distilled water overnight and kept it warm.
Is it a “bad seed” or a “late bloomer” perhaps?

If it’s a late bloomer, how long should I give it? I’d just hate to waste a seed by trying another one only to not have room for three plants.

Don’t sweat the bad seed. Keep trying, take some pictures and reach out to customer service. Be patient. I kept in touch with CS and my replacements are their way. ILGM rocks!

Would they replace just one bad seed though?

Plus I dunno if I’d want to contact yet as what if I get other bad ones? I’m not sure how their process works.

Well, I went ahead and planted one using the two cup method in the pot it’ll eventually go in.
You can barely make out the other sad and lonely cup without its seed buddy.

Oh! And some wheat grass seed for the cats, that I was using for light and temperature testing purposes :joy:
This light has grown that grass MUCH better than it ever has sitting in a window sill.


And a picture of the sad seed that hasn’t done a thing…

Dunno if I should give it a few (four) days or start a new one now. If I have to start a new one I have to time a gap where I’ll be out of town a few days so it doesn’t need planting in that time.

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They will work with you as long as it takes, you can plant the rest whenever you want. I’m not sure how many they are sending me. I have one left that I’ll save for outdoor next year.

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Add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in a small amount of water and resoak her.

I was thinking that but didn’t want to rot the seed by having it exposed to so much water for so long.

Didn’t know if I should wait it out or go for it.

I’ll take your suggestion as I’ve never done this before and you’ve offered helpful advise for me already. :+1:

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Seed back in half a shot glass of distilled water and 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide


It helps soften her shell.

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Well… 14hrs later, still no change to the non germinated seedling.

Guess I’ll have to start another in a few days and set this one aside.

Just leave her for science…but drop another one to be safe