Random 1st time Grow Journal (Indoor, soil, auto)

Well, went through two more seeds to get another viable one.
The third seed seems like it’s on growth hormones :joy:

I’ll post some updates shortly.

So I think what I’m going to do is post screenshots of my spreadsheet journal. I was told this would be better than posting a link for it. In addition it will prevent me from having to type up all my observation and such twice.

Anyhow, since I’m brand new to this, please feel free to give any advice to what you see or what to expect next so that I may better prepare. Thank you all!

Plant A

Plant B


@RandomW201 I like your cloth containers, what size are they?

7 gallon

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Strong roots big fruits!

They sent me 10 seeds even though I have two successful plants growing. I tried the best I could to germinate the duds and kept in touch. They went above and beyond so I tried to do the best I could. Did you reach out to them? Or did you get it to sprout? Just wondering.


Yes, I reached out after two didn’t germinate to see what the process would be like. They want me to try the others and then they’ll send me the number of replacements for however many didnt germinate. Anyhow, right now it’s 2 for 2 with one left. And I only have room for two plants. So it’ll be a bit before I try to germinate the last one.

So I thought I noticed this the other day, but it seems more apparent my leaves are turning a light green/yellow. I didn’t expect this at such a young seedling age already…

Plant A

Plant B

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Does plant A and B have names? Didnt catch the strain and if i missed that, sorry. Good luck, grow some :fire:.

Both GDP Autos.
And Plant A was started a whole week before Plant B.
Although, Plant B looks to be a much more active plant as it germinated a lot faster, sprouted a lot faster and is twice the size already as plant A. Same soil and germinating technique. Only difference is plant A was put into a cup and Plant B was put into the 7 gal pot. But again, same soil.

We have a small space, autos seem to be our answer. We did one extra in a 2x3 space, 3 total, one too many, harvest was way better than we expected though. We are interested on watching the LST and how it promotes the bud development.

Our next seed drop will happen New Years Eve.

Thanks for allowing us to tag along

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Just a two week post sprout update. Plants are coming in nicely. Plant A was transplanted into final pot two days ago and seems to be doing ok for its small size it has been from the start.
Plant B is taking off as expected based on its energetic germination.

Both plants also received about 3 tbs of earthworm castings as a top dressing.

Running 60% power at 24” and a 19/5 light schedule that I’m transitioning to a 18/6. Humidity avg anywhere from 45-65%

And lastly, the past couple of waterings have had about a 1/16 tsp to one gal of water of CSM+B from Greenleaf Aquariums (a leftover fert supply for some past aquariums I used to run). I added this in a very small dosage just to make sure that micro nutrients were available.

As usual, let me know if you feel a concern or would like to provide me a heads up on what I could expect in the next days/weeks to come.