Raise cure humidity?

So I harvested with the snap test, I think 2 of the 3 plants were maybe a dryed by a day or two longer then they should have… Honestly not sure I felt like I do a pretty good job.
I’m using a curecork in a 5gallon bucket, it has a screen to keep it from touching the bottom. It checks the humidity every 5hr and if it’s above 62% it will burp for 5min.
Well for 3 or 4 days that they have been in the bucket the humidity has been stuck at 31%

It took me about a week to dry them, the 3rd plant was bigger and I left it hang for an extra day it mostly snapped but not as clean as I would have liked so I figured maybe the mosture from that bud would help the other two.

Maybe I’m just not being patient but I’m wondering should I put a couple drops of water on the base of the bucket to raise the humidity?

Any suggestions would be great.

Reading this going to try a lime lol


I’m not familiar with the burping bucket/cork.

I’ve seemingly overdried before, but after mixing up the buds and curing them in 32oz bell canning jars, they’ve always come our perfect.

If you’re unsure, I’d put them all in 32oz jars with 2 boveda 62% 8gram packs ea, and cure normally.


I agree with @Drinkslinger on that one. I usually dry them to where it seems like they’re too dry but once they’re in jars, the moisture from the middle seeps out and they are in the RH range I’m looking for


How long does this take?

Because I’m at 4 days and my humidity was at 31% so I slipped a couple orange peals in right now

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The boveda packs can take weeks.

Usually I notice a difference in bud squishyness within a few days. Btw, I’m only opening jars 1/day for 15-sec. just long enough to squeeze a bud or two.


I’d probably buy some 58 or 62% boveda packs for if you over dry them. They’re also good to stabilize RH once the buds have been curing for a little while and the RH stabilizes in the jars :v::bear:


They went from 62% to 31% in like a day?

If your humidity was at 31% for the drying process, they’ve probably gotten too dry and humidity won’t climb during the curing process. You need bovada packs and about 1-2 months more curing time.


I dried at about 40% Rh because that’s what my tent sat at.

The curecork is set to 62% so it will only burp if it goes to 62% otherwise it remains sealed and checks in another 5hr (as I have set it to)
So no they have been at like 31% the whole time…

K maybe I will order some packs next week.
The idea was to cure it all with the auto burping curecork for the first month or two and then Move to jars because I’m gone for long periods of time normally.
I’m home for the next 2 weeks or so because I’ve got a broken heart haha… Yeahhh… :sob: Had to take some personal time and now even my hobby is fked up I can’t win

Hang in there @Nicky Things will come together for you! Great harvest by the way! And you will still get high. We live and learn, die and forget it all. Just always remember, when one door closes, another will open! :+1: :sunglasses:

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So after I had a shower today I tossed the 5gallon bucket in the bathroom while the humidity was still high… Pretty low tech and probably not the most sanitary method but it’s my bud and I am a bit of an OCD beat freak so I feel it was my best choice.
This may take a couple times but I’m fine with brushing my teeth to a ever sweeting aroma haha.
Still have the peals in there some orange and some lemons.
Away for 24hr but when I’m back ill buy some more lemons and oranges.

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So the bathroom idea seemed to really work, I have since taken the lime and orange out (was only in there for a day I think) and now the cork is burping every 5hr and dropping the RH to below 62%RH.

I do have one fear though… I should be harvesting my autos in the next little while and I don’t think these will be done curing!
I only have another 2 weeks or so at home so hopefully by then they will be good enough I can put them in Mason jars with the packs and they won’t need to be burped

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