Questions about seedlings

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a few questions about my seedling growth.

This is day 12 for chronic widow in an indoor tent with 600watt hps, temp ranges high 60’s to low 70’s at night and mid 70’s to low low 80’s in daytime

PH is 6, humidity is 47

I water when the small paper starter pots are dry and light weight, I have started giving nutrients ppm 450 to start then I was going to increase by half once another set of leaves started


  1. Stems are purple, is that genetics or a problem
  2. I’ve looked on youtube for examples of growth and mine look like they are growing slow
  3. One seedling looks deformed?

Any advice will help immensely.

Update: I think found the issue, I have to water reservoirs. One clean and ph is 6, the other one has 750 ppm of veg nutrients. When I made the veg mix up the ph was fine but when I just checked it was through the roof. I have adjusted it down and re-watered the plants trying to flush the old out. It was getting time to water again. Hopefully that will help.

I am wondering if what I did will dilute the ph that was already in the pots

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What soil is?
Don’t be rush to feed , change ph, flush!!!
Let the plants grow a little more and look mainly on watering in the right way not too much not too little, at the moment.
Anyway a red stem in seedling stage may be normal is some strains.

Yep, no more nutrients until they are quite a bit older and it looks like you might be using enriched soil anyway, so you should be fine. Water when dry and only in small amounts and through leaf spraying. Turn lights off until the leaves are dry.