Question on theses girls

I put these Maui Wowies in the ground on June 24 after germination starting the 17th of June so they are about 5 weeks old, and they are already flowering see the photo. Company says all the Maui’s are fem. but I don’t know, any thoughts would be helpful.


Welcome back to the forum, pics would be great! :smile:

Could not remember how to add the pic**[quote=“Fms, post:3, topic:49783, full:true”]
Could not remember how to add the pic


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I don’t see anything to lead me to believe that it is not a female.
I vote female

Didn’t get enough light to keep in veg so they are now flowering.

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I was just thinking autoflower but don’t matter to me either way. In the same cage as the other 10 girls that are not flowering just weird here is what the rest look like