Question on seed growth

Can I put my seeds that just sprouted their tails into pellets in a seed starting kit tray under my 1000 watt MH bulbs at 20 inches? Do I need to wait until they actually sprout above ground first and have them in their actual pots? I have a seedling grow light but I’m worried winter cold might harm them with only it providing the heat.

William: I would recommend you do NOT put seedlings under an intense light intended for more “mature” (beyond the seedling stage) plants. I have just germinated five seeds for my new grow, they just popped above the peat pots they are in and are about 1" tall as of this am (1/11/2021). I have them sitting in a plastic grow device with a clear lid. For almost the next week my LED lights (inexpensive ones - low power - from Home Depot) are about 6" above the “babies”. I will spray them 2 to 3 times a day with PH neutral water. By the end of the first week, they should be ready to be moved to my grow room with more intense LED lighting.

This is a system that I have found works well for me.

Remember: Keep growing . . . keep learning!!!

PS: Oh, as to the question of temperature, I grow my seedling on top of a plastic heating “mat” that has a temperature sensor to keep the “nursery” warm.


They are all about as tall as yours are now beyond the 4 new auto flowers. Now I have to wonder when I should use the fertilizer I got from ilgm wondering if there is a mixing/feeding guide on here.


I am not familiar with the ILGM nutrients. Somewhere, or someone on here from ILGM should be able to provide that information.

As an update, all five of my seedlings were transferred yesterday to my grow room to more powerful lights. They are doing fantastic.


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