Am I having a temperature problem?

Hey, first time grower. I live in MI, very humid. I had a batch of seeds under my 1000 W MH light with 2 " distance and burned them all. Temps were getting to 100’s but I didn’t believe thermometer. Now I know better.

My question is now, during this heat wave, the only place I can get a nice enough temperature for them is in the basement where the humidity is supposedly 70’s and temp is low 80’s in day/ high 70’s at night, which I can’t verify the accuracy. But I have them under a regular lamp and the first week is almost up, it seems to me the stems are growing and not the leaves, should I be concerned? Also does anyone have tips for switching over to solo cups and how I should be watering? And when to add nutrients?

Those temps in basement and rh shold be ok but they are stretcHong you may try a few cfl 6500k just a few inches above the plants


You don’t have nearly enough light on them, that’s why they are stretching.

As said above, get some CFL’s and get them close, and when you transplant bury them so the “baby leaves” are an inch to an inch and a half above the surface.


I don’t have any cfl bulbs. All I have is a tent with a 1000 W MH and ballast? Should I just place my plants in tent under MH bulb again? But instead of 2 ", maybe 4 " of distance?

More like 36”

Are you running an exhaust? With MH exhaust is a musto havo

I forgot that the double is inches. My mistake. If tent is too hot even with fan and carbon filter, how do I bring down temp? Should I keep tent open? Should I untape the exhaust ports in my tent?

This is my current set up. I have lamp running 24 hours. I only had to water once or twice this week. And I’ve used less than 1 16 fl oz water bottle of evian, because I know it has a 7.2 pH, so I use that instead of tap.20180703_170025|374x500

That table lamp is useless, you would be better hanging a twin 2 foot T5 above them, or get a 4-1 splitter and hang 4 6500k 14w led replacement bulbs with the globes cut off above them.

I know what these led replacements do, as posted elsewhere I do the first 2 weeks with one per plant, no fibre pots or anything but straight into at a least a 1 gallon pot, and in that time it goes from zero to 6 inches tall and a foot wide. Am on tablet just now so can’t do a pic, but in my journal, look for “a comedy of errors”, you’ll see what I mean.

Edit: On PC now so here’s what I mean. 1 gallon pot, 1 14w (100w equivalent) led replacement bulb, 1 plant at 2 weeks old.

Is there any trick to growing autoflower seeds,mine have top leaves and bottom leafs but thats all am i giving my seedlingsvenough light? 1000w led grow light with a 100w heat lamp?

I don’t understand the need for a heat lamp, not unless you have trouble keeping temperatures up.

You have one shining directly on a plant and I cannot see a reason that it would do anything but harm.

And we need to know which make and model your grow light is, I have no experience of these things but we do know it will not use 1000 watts.

Ive had my 2 white widow seedlings for 3 weeks now and they are just not growing under my 1000w led light

First 2 to 3 weeks they are developing their root system they will start to grow. How big a pot do you have them in