Question on processing the trim

Ok, so I just got done trimming my first plant and I have a bowl full of trim. I don’t have a press. So I am wondering if I can put them in my levo and decarboxylate and then infuse some coconut oil with it, do I need to let them dry first then decarboxylate or how can I process them to put them to best use?


The stuff I plan to decard is allowed to dry for a couple of days. I freeze it until I have enough, decarb it and then do the extraction/infusion.


Thank you oldmarine! wasn’t sure how to deal with it. I guess an investment in a press would be a good idea but don’t have one today. Into the freezer she goes until I collect some more.

I freeze mine wet. When I’m ready, I dry and decarb. (I don’t cure it)

I threw all my trim into a container to live in the freezer. Added more as I finished trimming. Used Everclear to extract - followed @Caligurl ’s guide (loosely) and got a good lot of concentrate.

I decarb later (used some for cannabutter) if needed but this way it’s “pure” for whatever versatility is needed. Not sure if it matters at the end of the day, since for tinctures, edibles, and capsules, it’ll need to get decarbed. Only reason I didn’t bother was my intent is to make vape juice, which gets torched in the vape anyway.


for now anyway, and I’m sure interest will change as I start to collect more smoke, my interest is in making gummies. I did that with a little smoke I purchased, but damn that’s expensive and I was very curious to try them out. I’m thinking a press is in my future. Will see as I start to mature my knowledge on all of this some more.

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Check this out before you decide anything, IMO. Super easy and helpful.

Caligurl’s Concentrates Blog


FYI you can’t make gummies from an oil-based infusion. Has to be straight oil or a tincture.

Trim will typically have about 20% of the cannabinoids present in flower as well: depending on how much you have it might not be worth it.


Thanks and not to disagree at all. I’m the newbie here. When I made my gummies I used the levo machine to decarboxylate the cannabis and then put coconut oil in the machine after decarb. That’s per Levo’s instructions. Then it heats and swirls the oil thru the decarbed cannabis for a couple of hours or so. You end up with a delightful greenish color after it’s all said and done. Mix the gelatin per there instructions and I ended up with some pretty kick ass gummies. Just popped the last of 'em in my mouth and got a good buzz going now. But this may not have been the best method. Maybe wasteful to a degree. I used only a quarter cup of the infused oil and filled about 4 molds if I remember right with the whole concoction. Powdered them with a little confectioners sugar and except for the buzz, the gummies were as good as any you would by from the store.

The quantity of cannabinoids was perhaps a better question for me to ask in all of this. So is the trim worth saving if the THC present isn’t enough to bother with? Or is making gummies just not a good use of the trim?

That’s the way to do it if you want to make vape juice too

For me, fan leaves, stems, and roots get composted, all the rest of my trim goes to the freezer.

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I start making my concentrates using trim… when I run out I will start using the flowers. When you use trim, the yield will be smaller but still as potent gram for gram.

1 gram of concentrate yields (approximately) 750 mg of THC… I say approximately because it does matter how much alcohol you left in the wax… technically, they say 725-800 mg per gran so I just figure on 750 for ease.

Maybe I’ve wasted this first batch of trim. I put everything in the same bowl. Didn’t know better.

All the THC is still there, just more vegetable mass. It’ll still work, just be less potent.

I do want to make some dab in the future. I bookmarked the link for your process that Graysin posted for future reference.


Gotcha. May just need to save up more trim for a better reclamation.


I save mine in a paper sack and toss it a bit when dry I decarb it in the oven in a turkey bag and then toss that bag in the freezer until I’m ready to make concentrate or she grabs some for the levo for infusing or baking or butter.

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I put all my wet trim and plants with issues in large industrial type freezers and process into bubble hash at my leisure