Question on FoxFarm soil

I have a 13 day old Bubble Gum auto that i will transplant tomorrow into a 5 gal fabric pot. Can i transplant her into FFOF or layer FFOF on the bottom and FFHF on top. This is my first time using FF soil.

I layer the frog over the forest personally. Lately I just use the frog and avoid of if I can cause its hot, it has bugs, its too ard on seedlings, it just seems the quality control on the OF is not as good as the frog.

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I just use Ocean Forest and seem to do ok with that. You just have to monitor your plants, which we all do probably more often then necessary because it’s so much fun.


I am growing some WW Photos in 50/50 HF and OF, with OF in the bottom half. Planted back in March, and the runoff numbers are still high, so beware of over feeding.

I would put the ocean forest on the bottom, I also mix diatomaceous earth in the soil because of the bugs that come with the soil

I use FF OF and in fact amend it with compost, coco, worm castings and other good stuff. So it is warm if not hot. Depending on what I am transplant up from, I will use some of the same seedling mix to initially put the transplant in as a transition cushion. The soil carries the plant 6 - 8 weeks before I add any grow nutrients (will water with CalMag, Humic Fulvic acid, silica, and bone meal). Then introduce low dose FF trio of nutrients.
One recommendation is take a soil slurry before transplanting so you know what the baseline soil readings are in terms of ph / ppm/ EC. Knowing this you can adjust your water ph or amend the soil to obtain desired ph. Doing this on the front end can help minimize issues later.

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I have been searching for some answers to FFOF soil I had 2 plants inside ran out of room so one went outside. The one inside was doing fine and then I started on FF trio . Besides bugs and feeding she didn’t make it. Got burnt by nutes…didn’t realize soil ran hot. Outside she is doing fine and haven’t done any feeding,just rain water. Seeds were dropped on 4/1 …she flowered as I have it in area that doesn’t get early morning sun, but gets 7-8 hrs after 12 noon. Should I feed her to plump her up,or let Mother Nature do her thing.In felt bag that is buried in sandy soil,so I cant test run off,it drains very well

I did the same thing to an amnesia haze auto. Yes, we all learn. Not that it matters a whole lot, is she auto or photo? It looks like she still on FF OF. I do a 50% dose of Grow Big & Tiger Bloom. Big Bloom is very easy on plants so 100% of it is fine. Big Bloom also helps moderate ph. GB & TB can really drop ph. If you do not check, highly recommend it. See how she reacts. I cycle with and then without nutes. So if no adverse affects, go ahead and do 100% after a water only. With it being outside, keep an eye out for pests. I have had to treat for caterpillars. Another post this morning was leafhoppers eating leaves. They are out and hungry.

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Thank you I have the Granulated FF Cha Ching,Beastie Blooms and Open Ssme. I do ph my rainwater and if I would add it does get to mid 6 range forgot to mention I did use superthrive when it was younger. So on FF chart could I start Cha Ching at a reduced amount. She is about 2-3"Thick Cola but they are still white and vibrant. When it comes down to the last few weeks which I think she has 4-6 wks yet I can pull bag from hole and flush.

I don’t use that line but it looks like Bembe is one of the mainline flower nutrients and Cha Ching is supplement. Main thing is a balanced combination for flower

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my last time i transplanted straight into OF from the seedling stage…no issues at all.

and then i didn’t use nutes until week 5

Thats what I am concerned about I have 3 Healthy ladies that have only been in FFOF soil in felt bags and only rainwater and a feeding of superthrive . Two are clones that are 3’ tall and budding and the other is fuller but want to thicken her up she is in her 8th week. Any nute suggestion

You guys have first hand knowledge of OF burning small plants? Or just the rumor? Because I use it, I amend 1/2 strength all purpose little EWC, 30% perlite (yes it has both , I like more), AND DONT FORGET LANGBEINITE. it’s 0 0 0 22…use full strength Everytime, FFOF has far to little k.

Maybe the other conditions just work for me.

.maybe it burns some