Question for people who know about plants Majiktoker?

Is there any plant more complicated as far as nutrient needs and growing circumstances?

I’m not sure if it’s more complicated but I can’t keep an orchid alive for anything. Have tried several times and they always die.

What exactly are you asking @Fever

@Majiktoker I’m not going to type exactly what I mean because I’m on a cellphone and it’s annoying. So generally or as an example
I have heard farmers state that they never had to worry about ph before cannabis
I have heard people exclaim “more research needs to be done there are so many components/compounds in this plant!”
I have always thought in general agriculture terms that the more care and attention to subtle details, the more you focus on the plant the better crop you will get. Yet I don’t see farmers fussing over their cabbage and I can see any idiot grow a tomatoe it’s just the good ones who grow the biggest and tastiest tomato? To grow anything worth anything with cannabis you have to look at every detail and constantly monitor them.

So those are a few random reasons for my question I hope that is clear enough as the thumb is taking a beating lol

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There are tomatoes :tomato:, good tomatoes :tomato: and great tomatoes :tomato: just like cannabis.
I find the two to be very similar to grow.


So what im getting out of it your asking if there is another plant as complicated as a cannabis plant to grow and if there are any with as many chemical compounds as cannabis as well forgive me if im wrong been a long day

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african violets, venus fly traps


Morning glorys, dragon fruit, lots of things


Ok got it. Thanks that gives me more perspective.

Given Central Asia is the birthplace to some degree we are accommodating which is understandable.

Correct @Fever and Alaska being the originating place for autoflowers

You dont have to do anything to grow massive MJ plants with yield over 2 pounds except give the roots room to grow ( 100 gal pot and up, growers here in norcal grow in 800 gal pots, 10-12 lb per plant) and have decent climate…
Also water :wink:
And thats it, it is that simple…it grows like a weed, literally

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Lol farmers don’t worry about ph but there is a recommended ph for every strain of berry or plant for peak growth and there is a difference between growing plants and growing them well :wink: My blueberry shrubs grow very well in acidic soil but my straw berries don’t like it

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@annebonny The secret to orchids is keeping air in contact with the roots and misting roots but not watering imho I have a few dendrobiums for years and they flower each year :nerd_face: Also indirect light and high humidity 60-80% they also like to be cooler in their dark phase - hope this helps, Phalenopsis (moth orchids) are easiest. No soil just a few wood chips and moss to keep them snug in their pots


You might be on to something as I did water - well my mother in law told me to put an ice cube in once a week. I may have to try again. They are so pretty and exotic looking. Thanks @Sl1

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@Majiktoker First time growing I do have a ? about climate some say average then I seen sunny Mediterranean do these need temps or humidity or something different for each one. Thanks

Average is likely grow difficulty and as for sunny and Mediterranean that is more based towqrda the growing environment @Gonnatry2.

If they say sunny average,the temp around 80 degrees and 50-60% humidity through out entire grow stage for a Mediterranean climate that is more tropical and moist as well as humid, so that would be basically mean youd want to set temps around 75 degrees and 60-75% humidity

@Majiktoker That was what I needed 2 know have some ww fem I’m at 80 with 55% humidity They should like that Thanks

My pleasure if you need any more help feel free to ask