Question about using only FFHF

Hi everybody. Can I have a quality grow starting indoors and harvest outdoors using only FFHF and feeding. I found both soils HF and OF locally. What i dont like is the soil is stored In the parking lot uncovered, Its rained on then baked in the Georgia sun for god knows how many weeks, months ect.


BTW, I am growing Bruce Banner AF. I got !0 of the ILGM seeds. Started 5 and all sprouted. Thanks to ILGM! Great Soil was alot cheeper back in the day. :slightly_smiling_face:

I use both with Earth Dust basic and bloom indoor and so far so good :+1: i have a 41day old super skunk auto that’s growing at an insane rate with the addition nutrients… good luck to you :beers:

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Yes you can. I bake all my FFOF bags for at least 1 year in the South Texas coastline with 0 issues. And Georgia is colder than where I live. A lot colder.

So you will be just fine. I prefer to top dress
The FFOF with a 4” layer of FFHF. Just to give the seedling a better chance.


I would highly recommend putting 20% more perlite in the mix …


I hope you have room!
I’m indoors with one plant and it’s crazy

Yes , you can have a successful grow with happy frog. Start checking run off after about 5 weeks you may need to start feeding.

Lmao yeah you right bro :rofl: i couldn’t imagine having more than one S.S. auto she’s gotten plumb nasty looking lately in early flower :blossom:

The longer the better. Sun cooks all the bad insects in the soil, but fungus and bacteria survive. Your soil will definitely be pest free if it was baked before use. No worries there.


Thats kinda like what I do with my auto’s
At the bottom I use strawberry fields, then ocean forest, then happy frog. I do it this way because strawberry fields is best suited for flowering stage. So happy frog takes care of your seedling, then ocean forest will take care of it during veg and by the time it starts flowering, the roots are into the strawberry fields. Seems to work well and you don’t need to feed so much.


I haven’t used Strawberry Fields as I don’t actually Veg growing 12/12 start to finish. But I like it tho. Smart move.

I am starting indoors then moving outside. I got beautiful seedling. They are about 3 weeks sprouted. Sorry I havent learned how to post pictures yet.

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BTW, I live on about 40 acres of woods, farmland :slightly_smiling_face: I got plenty of room. I just pray for a little luck :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes you can if u mix in some worm castings and organic compost and some fish meal and kelp meal and bat guano so it has enough food for a month or two and then top dress with worm castings

@MrPeat, have you ever started them that way? In the FFHF on top, plant the seed into that? Just curious.

Always been FFOF only. But decided to tip FFOF with FFHF with 4” layer and worked like a charm. A buffer. But you can also just use FFHF only.

@MrPeat so just wrapping up first grow. Long story but switched to FFOF and all went fairly well, quick learning curve! Have 4 just chopped last night, 4 more still not ready. I started directly in soil, not the recommended way I know. I was thinking of do FFHF on top, to plant seeds in, then FFOF on bottom. Saw somewhere where someone did that plus FFSF on the bottom, for the flowering stage. Was considering that also. I guess, what I’m saying, I was going to do the FFHF on top and plant the seeds in that and see how they did.

Thanks for the input!

You should be fine. I never had luck doing that but to be honest the seeds was fried when our Central AC went down. Others do it with success.

And yes I saw the FFHF-FFOF-Strawberry fields on bottom. I like the idea personally.

I just do mainly FFOF top dressed with a 4” layer of FFHF and works great for me. :+1:

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Here was my Ethos purple Thai with the mix of FFHF, FFOF, FFSF. Only feed her some Jacks 321 bloom towards the end of flower


God, I wish I was your best friend… :slightly_smiling_face: